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ISJM is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1977 to document the history, art, architecture and condition of Jewish heritage sites worldwide. At the time, we were the only such organization. From a modest office in Illinois, our founders Raina and Philipp Fehl created a worldwide network of scholars and activists that laid the foundation for many of the hundreds of Jewish heritage efforts, organizations and institutions today. In the 21st century there is still much work to be done – in documentation, protection, preservation and presentation about Jewish art and architecture, commemorative places, and the Jewish built environment overall. ISJM still serves to point the way, to make connections, and sometimes, to partner with and support specific projects.

To continue, we need your help. We are a volunteer organization and we run on a shoestring budget donated by our members and generous sponsors. We rely on donations and grants to support our work. A new link for online membership and donations will be active soon.

Meanwhile, for information on how to give, contact us at Checks can also be sent to ISJM, c/o Temple Concord, 910 Madison Street, Syracuse, NY 13210.

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