Directory of American Jewish and Synagogue Architects

Directory of American Jewish and Synagogue Architects

This project is designed to bring together diverse materials about he lives and careers of Jewish architects who practiced in America, as well as information about synagogues from all architects. The goal is to create an on-line biographical directory of architects that will include summary biographical information, lists of architectural projects, and when known, the location of relevant architectural papers and drawings.

We are starting with architects know to be Jewish who were born before 1900 and practiced architecture in America. Most of these architects built some synagogues and other Jewish communal buildings, but not all. Some of these architects are well know and have already received significant scholarly attention. Others are virtually unknown, with little available biographical material. In the spring of 2020, we will be posting short biographies of as many of these architects as we can. We invite members to take on research into one or more of these architects themselves.

Born before 1900

Listed by Date of Birth

David Lopez                                        (1809-1884)

Leopold Eidlitz                                   (1823-1908)

Henry Fernbach                                 (1829-1883)

Dankmar Adler                                   (1844-1905)

John H. Edelmann                              (1852–1900)

Adolph Fleischman                            (1856-1914)

Arnold Brunner                                  (1857-1925)

Alfred Eichberg                                  (1859-1921)

Albert Buchman                                 (1859-1936)

Alfred Rosenheim                              (1859-

Israel J. Lehman                                 (1859-1914)

Abram M. Edelman                            (1873-1941)

William Levi                                        (1866-

Leon Stern                                          (1867-1931)

Michael Berstein (or Bernstein?)   (1867)

Edgar M.Lazarus                                 (1868-             

Albert Kahn                                        (1869-1942)

Joseph Henry Freedlander                (1870-1943)

Albert Gottlieb                                   (1870-

Hyman Witkover                               (1871-1936)

Emery Roth                                        (1871-1948)

Henry Beaumont Herts                      (1871-

Alexander Levy                                 (1872-

Harry Allan Jacobs                           (c1872-

Julian Clarence Levi                         (1874-

Julius Kahn                                          (1874 –1942)

Edward Shire                                      (1874-1973)

William Gabriel Tachau                  (1875-1969)

Nathan Myers                                    (1875-

Alfred Alschuler                                 (1876-1940)

A Lincoln Fechheimer                      (1876-

Simon Schwartz                                 (1876-

Leonard Asheim                                 (1877-1961)

Samuel Tilden Norton                       (1877 –1959)

Emile Weil                                          (1878-1945)

Max Henry Furbringer                       (1879-1957)

Herbert M. Baer                                 (1879-

Robert David Kohn                            (1879-

Eugene Schoen                                  (1880-c1957)

Lubschez, Ben Judah                          (1881-

Jacob F. Krokyn                                  (1881-1960)

Clarence Samuel Stein                       (1882-1975)

Goldstein, Moise Herbert                  (1882-1972)

Boris Dorfman                                    (c.1882-1964)

Ely Jacques Kahn                                (1884-1972)

Max M. Kalman                                  (1884-1963)

Arthur Weindorf                                (1885-1979)

Louis Allan Abramson                     (1887-1985)

Joseph Finger                                      (1887-1953)

Eric Mendelsohn                                (1887-1953)

Abraham Epstein                               (1887-1958)

Rudolph S. Adler                                (1889?-1945)

Edward M. Adelsohn                         (1890-1930)

Irwin Salmon Chanin                         (1891-

Fritz Nathan                                       (1891-1960)

Jacob Ethan Fieldstein (1891-ca. 1954)

Richard Joseph Neutra                      (1892-1970)

Maurice Courland                              (c.1892-1957)

Stanley Kuh Neubauer (b. 1893)

David Supowitz (1893-1964)

Sigmund Braverman                          (1894-1960)

Lenard Gabert, Sr.                              (1894-1977)

Harry Marshak                                   (c1895-1973)

Herman Jessor                                    (c. 1895 – 8 April 1990)

Henry Hohauser                                 (1895-1963)

Samuel Wiener, Sr.                            (1896-1977)

Simon B. Zelnick                                 (1896-1980)

Israel Crausman                                 (c.1899-1989)